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A complex raisiny beech-smoked porter.
ABV 5.8%
OG 1.062
IBU 35
Allergens: malted barley, malted wheat

Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) 2015 “Supreme Champion Cask Beer of Britain”.


Burnout began as a collaboration brew with the University of York Real Ale Society. The first brew used peat-smoked malt but the current version uses the rauchbier staple: beech-smoked malt.

Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) 2015 “Supreme Champion Cask Beer of Britain”.

We advise that bag-in-boxes are kept refrigerated and drunk within 21 days.  Bag-in-boxes are filled from a cask and therefore have a cask level of carbonation (approx 1.5 volumes of CO2 - or 'a gentle tingle on the tongue').  If the boxes are are allowed to warm above serving temperature, then some CO2 may be lost from the beer, causing the bag-in-box to expand.  In that circumstance, the bag-in-box can be vented by standing it vertically (serving valve uppermost) and opening the valve.


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Sad Day
Only because my box just ran dry! Can't recommend this highly enough, especially when stored in this way as it will last longer! Was used as a "party piece" on this occasion attached to a beer engine though that's not an essential piece of kit. Not much was left but have enjoyed a quiet pint on a couple of evenings in front of the fire, love the smoky feel on the palette and the hints of coffee & liquorish. Don't take my word for it, try it yourself

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