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Smugglers & Wreckers : BP6 (440ml can) - Pineapple Hefeweizen

Smugglers & Wreckers : BP6 (440ml can) - Pineapple Hefeweizen


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Pineapple Hefeweizen. Gluten Free.
The sixth can in our treasure-hunt Bigger Picture series
ABV 5.5%
OG 1.056
IBU 16
440ml can


Peel the labels off - get some perspective - follow the clues and hunt the treasure!

Yorkshire’s coastline is ideal for smuggling, with miles of quiet beaches where contraband could be landed, and caves for its storage.  Villagers were insular and wary of customs men from the outside, so they kept their mouths shut and took the smugglers’ backhanders.  Deliberate wrecking of ships to steal their precious cargo is also well documented.  Trade in tea was the original high value product, but the activities continue today with certain highly taxed or illegal goods.

Smugglers & Wreckers is the sixth can in our 'Bigger Picture' project. Bigger Picture is a celebration of the legends, myths and fantastical creatures of Yorkshire. It's also a treasure map, that will build over nine vastly different 440ml cans of beer and will point to one location in Yorkshire where a serious bounty is cached. We will launch the next beer in the series every month-6 weeks.


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