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Our Brewery

Everything at Brass Castle Brewery revolves around the Brewhouse, because it’s the home of the real brewers… our own house yeast.

Being a vegan and gluten-free brewery has its challenges, but the resulting beer is judged to be better and is more accessible.

The brewery began life in a garage on Brass Castle Hill, then grew up in a Victorian copper Estate brewery before locating to Malton.

Brewing as well as we can is an overarching principle – and that means not just quality of ingredients, but quality of interaction with our community.

The Brass Castle Brewhouse is located behind our Taphouse – set back slightly from the main thoroughfare in the centre of Malton. We are not hidden away on an industrial estate or farm, so people pass by and drop in for a chat regularly. What they find is a space squeezed tightly full with all the contraptions you’d expect in a craft brewery, our own canning line and a number of industrious staff – usually cleaning something. Our brewkit is very traditional and typical of a no-nonsense Yorkshire brewery, requiring plenty of effort to work it. Its simplicity is also a strength however, as it allows for endless modification of process to achieve new flavour combinations.

Brass Castle is a team of 14 beer nuts, homebrewers, scientists and enthusiasts who have coalesced in a Malton brewery around a mission to make great beer, in all its forms. Making craft beer is hard but rewarding work – especially when it’s fabulous Yorkshire beer! Our staff have to be resilient and flexible. Like any small business, everyone finds themselves needing to engage with a huge variety of tasks. We often work unsociable and long hours, so we look after each other. This is not an industry where the phrase ‘that’s not my job’ will win many admirers. We much prefer: ‘I’ve not done that before – show me the drill and let’s give it a go!’. We’re lucky to have a bunch of can-do’ers, fuelled by a good dose of humour and a steely-eyed determination to make the highest quality beer that we can. We’ll stop what we do, when it stops being fun.

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