Meet the marvellous people who keep our show on the road!

We’re very lucky with the calibre, integrity and work ethic of our staff; and we find that having a diverse spread of backgrounds makes us a more effective group of people.

An Intro from the founder

Beer is a source of good in the world.

Phil is a die-hard exponent of the simple philosophy that good beer has the power to do much good in the world. That it’s a nutritious and noble drink, which brings people together and doesn’t deserve some of the brickbats from competitor industries. Also, that it doesn’t need the snobbery, marketing hoodoo, virtue-signaling, rockstar wannabes and smoke-and-mirrors inauthenticity practised by some within the beer industry. Former jobs include: Royal Navy helicopter pilot; Coastguard Search-And-Rescue Coordinator; UK Government negotiator at the UN Security Council on women’s rights, the protection of civilians in conflict and security/peacekeeping issues. Now a brewer and butler. Daemon is a small grey cat.

Founder, Owner
Phil Saltonstall

Kev Jones

Operations Manager

Kev keeps the Brass Castle show on the road, and is only diverted from this important job by any game involving Everton FC, any chance to enjoy some great beer, and when duty calls with a darts team. He’s a Canadian-inflected (no respect for cold climates), short-wearing, transplant from Cheshire – who’s become a very recognisable legend in his adopted home of York. Although Kev has an erotically-charged relationship with spreadsheets, the office is not his natural habitat and he’s far happier behind a bar. Would probably rather be drinking a beer at The Great Lost Bear in Portland, Maine.

brass castle kev
brass castle sam

Sam Teale

Head Brewer
Sam is an avid enthusiast of all things fermented, from sauerkraut to kimchi, kefir to kombucha, and of course, beer! He began life as a landscaper, before moving on to drystone walling and ultimately building a Taphouse for his all-time favourite brewery. Sam now finds home amongst the Brewhouse fermenters, making the beers that underpinned his passion for the craft beer world from the outset. IPA’s, wheat beers and Belgians are among his favourites. Sam enjoys walks in the Sunshine and, when he can find an un-Disrupted moment, reading. Lives in York, in his own personal rainforest, with his fiancée.

Ellis Walsh

Taphouse Manager & Events Coordinator

Ellis can most often be found in her natural habitat – behind the bar at the Brass Castle Taphouse! If she’s not there, then she’ll be found either petting dogs, bossing the brewers around or taking photos for our array of social medias.
Ellis has been with Brass Castle since 2017, putting a BA in Music and an MSc in Business to good use by keeping our Taphouse in good working order, and making sure that there is always enough beer to drink! Hobbies include being an out of practice musician, drinking tea, and being a very happy Hufflepuff.

brass castle ellis
brass castle tony

Tony McKenna


Fleeting university tutor, and tardy PhD’er with a taste for 7th chords, polyrhythms and dissonant string sections. Tony will try any kind of beer, but only if the venue’s right. Unapologetically intolerant of those who drink to get drunk, of boorishness or bores, and thus more at home, at home, with a hefty stout or IPA. Likely found on the open road or window seat of a cafe. Sociable loner and ethical hedonist: a pan-generational paradox spending way too much time dreaming up novellas or expending energy channelling Fausto Coppi. A week in Paris might ease the bite in him.

Matt Hall


Matt is a drummer, ice hockey player and hop guru – who runs on Slipknot and vegan wraps – and is never happier than when digging. His happy place is a large hole in the ground.
If not in the brewery, Matt can usually be found at the ice arena supporting the Hull Pirates or training with the Honey Badger hockey team, trying to convince himself he is fit enough to actually play ice hockey. In terms of team dynamic, Matt is the Baldrick to Head Brewer Sam’s Blackadder, and can often be heard announcing “I have a cunning plan!”


brass castle lesley

Lesley Beale


Lesley is allergic to alcohol (yes, allergic!) so everyone else gets to enjoy her share. When she’s not doing the day to day accounts here, she’s busy with Gumboots & Wellingtons, a rustic retreat she runs with hubby Andrew. In her former life ‘down South’ she had a career in international franchising for large retail businesses and has travelled to far-flung corners of the world as a result. She’s loves to learn new skills & crafts and loves being outdoors. Thanks to Head Brewer Sam, she’s learned dry-stone walling skills and is currently rebuilding the boundary walls at home.

Tim Posthill

Assistant Brewer

Tim spent his formative years riding bikes, climbing trees and falling off and out of the same. He also liked playing cricket when his grandad would let him, after the Great Greenhouse Disaster of 1994. He discovered beer around the turn of the millennium, but didn’t get really excited about it until 2006, when he was handed a pint of actual IPA. Tim arrived at Brass Castle in 2018 and has come to the conclusion that whoever decided to make beer out of water, really didn’t think about the poor sod that has to move all the casks around.


brass castle tim
brass castle andrew

Andrew Beale

Taphouse Supervisor

Andrew is a through-and-through Kiwi, with many strings to a rather long bow. From Lifeguard Trainer and Assessor, Glamping accommodation builder, co-owner of Gumboots and Wellingtons Rustic Retreats, to permanent shorts wearer, quizmaster, husband and father. Given Andy’s background in leisure management and health and safety, we’re not sure exactly how he ended up this far North. But he’s free to a good home, so long as there is Brass Castle Beer or Gin on offer. With almost 17 years in Britain to his credit, he now graces the Taphouse with his presence whilst trying to evolve into a Yorkshireman.

Adam Myers


Adam ensures timely and smooth carriage of the brewery’s precious cargo, with a calming warm smile. He’s also an absolute ninja with beer dispense and operates his own mobile and event bar installations. He’s got an eye for the colonies, having lived in Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Most recently back from the Republic of Ireland. The king of ‘front of house’ hospitality and he’s done time on media productions, working on set with the likes of Jim Carrey, David Jason and Alun Armstrong. Throughout, he’s maintained a keen 30 year interest in EDM and gets off spinning toons.


Miranda Hartley

Taphouse Staff

Miranda has been with Brass Castle since October 2018, alongside her apprenticeship at a local canine hydrotherapy centre. When not working behind the Taphouse bar, you might find Miranda out in the countryside walking her dogs or baking (and eating) cake. Miranda puts her various animal care qualifications to use by fussing over and giving treats to any dog that sets foot in Brass Castle. Usually a gin drinker, Miranda’s mind was changed when ‘Ware Outlaws was released – which is now her firm favourite Brass Castle creation.

Kevin Le Grande

Taphouse Staff

When our resident American isn’t teaching children in school, Kevin is usually found teaching the Taphouse the complexities of 1960’s American soul music.
Recently becoming a first time father, he juggles his time between home life and beer life with a pinch of tiredness! He’s been a barman, a Corporal in the US Army, a Sergeant in the US Air Force, a bus driver, a personal trainer and latterly has spent time teaching English in Korea and Portugal…he really is a man of many talents!
With Disruptor as his favourite beer, he’s the perfect fit for a Brass Castle employee…

Andy Mitchell

Taphouse Staff

Andy is our newest joiner at Brass Castle and has already thrown himself into a myriad of tasks – with some vigour: Taphouse, Brewhouse and canning line.

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