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Social Responsibility

There are many ways to brew beer. Some are more right than others.

Our Beliefs

We put effort into brewing as well as we can.

It’s plainly our responsibility as brewers to make the best beer than we can. But how we do that also matters. And that’s the basis for a list of considerations that we are working on all the time: * What happens to our spent ingredients. * How we package the beer to best effect and ecologogically. * Are we making best use of water and chemicals? * What is our impact on our local environment and community? * Are we doing the best we possibly can with recycling of waste? * And of course, how we treat our people.

Founder, Owner
Phil Saltonstall

Responsible Brewing

Because we take pride in the beer that we make, it is also natural for us to take pride in how we do it.  Early on, we partnered with government laboratories into a study on what best to do with spent grain, and send ours to an anaerobic digester.  This is the second-best use of waste grain, after brick-making.  Studies show that pretty much the worst thing that you can do with spent grain is to feed it to farm animals – for the animals and the environment.  Our spent hops are taken to local allotments, where they are used to help improve soil condition.  We constantly review our water and cleaning chemicals usage, to try to reduce wastage.  We mainly use returnable steel casks/kegs for beer delivery, but occasionally also use one-way Keykegs.  There is an issue with the recyclability of Keykegs and the readiness of many breweries to simply fire them out into the trade and then forget them.  We gather them in when we can – including from other breweries – to stockpile for dedicated recycling.  Our cans are shipped in cardboard cases and many of our customers recycle them back to us for further use.

Spent Grain
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Charity Work

There’s not a huge amount of spare money in the microbrewing circuit, but there is a remarkable reserve of goodwill and readiness to work hard. For several years we donated money from sales of beer bottles to animal rescue charities and local good causes, and we regularly provide assistance where we can. We are approached by many charities and sadly cannot help them all, but we engage where possible. The BEERTOWN festival that we co-host with Bad Seed Brewery every year is a great example of how breweries can return something to their local community. We like to think that the event itself is a boon for our town, and a study by the University of York has gone on to confirm that intuition. By marshalling volunteer staff, harnessing good will and giving of our time and equipment freely, year-on-year we have been able generate significant charitable gain from BEERTOWN for local community causes. That’s a natural fit with what we feel our mission to be.

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