Happy New Beer!

We have a rough idea of what we’ll be brewing in 2020. There are bound to be a whole host of new beers and good ideas along the way. In the meantime, this is what we’re planning to do…

Core Beers

Our core range represents our perennials; the beers that should be available all the time. These are our most awarded beers within our customers’ standard categories, and the beers that we are asked for most often. In a change for 2020 however, we will not be brewing Sunshine IPA in cask. Sunshine is a GBBF and SIBA national awards finalist in cask, so it will be sad not to have it around. The demand for a regular 5.7% cask beer is not there however; perhaps because drinkers like to switch between a variety of IPA offerings. In its place, we’ll be doing Doghouse DDH pale beers. More about that below. We have eight core beers: Session (cask), Northern Blonde (cask), Misfit (cask/keg), Hoptical Illusion (keg/can), Helles Lager (keg/can), Bad Kitty (cask/keg/can), Sunshine (keg/can), Disruptor (keg/can).

Seasonals & Specials

A slew of seasonals and specials will join our line-up during the year. We plan a sequence of ‘Doghouse’ DDH pale ales – with a naming convention based on doggy pals that regularly attend our Taphouse in Malton. Beginning with ‘Buddy’ and ‘Ghost’. In addition, the Fruit Lupe odyssey continues. We’re really looking forward to the next in the series: Galaxy hops & passionfruit. Rhubarb & Custard Mild, Mind Sweeper and Wallop will all be making a comeback. We’re also keen to revive and play with Mint Royale – our low ABV mint-chocolate dark beer.

Around the Corner

We have one newbie in the fermentors now: Dark Web, a Columbus and Chinook hopped dry stout. We also have a returning favourite about to go into cask, in our famous Hazelnut Mild. We have never respected the so-called ‘seasonal beer’ nonsense. Mild should be a year-round beer. Sunshine IPA is, for us, a winter beer.

Bigger Picture

This year’s Bigger Picture treasure hunt will commence in the Spring. Once again, Claudia Bowler will fashion the artwork and clues. The format will be new for 2020 and take in a wider stretch of the North of England. The principle remains however: 9 cans combine to create a treasure map to hidden gold. We love Bigger Picture in the brewhouse, as it give us that chance to flex across a number of beer styles. In 2020 we’ll make sure that the Bigger Picture beers are all available in both keg and can. Current styles under consideration are: Flanders Red, Peanut Butter XXX Mild, Hard Kombucha, Maple Pecan Porter, Gruit, Sour Mash IPA, Black Pepper Belgian Blonde, Lemon Samphire Gose.

Other Stuff

There’s always other stuff! Collaborations and beers that we have committed to but not begun to think about yet. We’ll proudly be brewing for International Women’s Collaboration Brewday again, with a special guest star for 2020: UK Consul-General to Boston and High-Commissioner designate to Trinidad and Tobago. We’ll also base a Crowler Club beer on the suggestions of our Club members at the annual party. Last year’s stunner from the Crowler Club was the multi-awarded ‘Thai Fighter’ lemongrass, lime and coconut pale ale. We’re also looking forward to participating in the Brewgooder clean water project in 2020.

In The Meantime, If you have any inspiration or good ideas for a Beer – or a bit of beery fun that we haven’t spotted – then please give us a shout! info@brassCastleBrewery.co.uk

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