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5 Jan 2018 / Phil Saltonstall

What’s coming-up in 2018…

We had a blast in 2017 and we’re settling-in to 2018 with some new projects underway.  The biggest thrills last year came from brewing a truly monstrous variety of beer styles, while continuing to do so in the best way that we can manage: recycling our spent products, growing the workforce, supporting apprenticeships, raising money for charity, having some fun.  Although our beers continued to garner awards around the UK, one of the nicest gongs to win was the York Press Awards ‘Socially Responsible Business of the Year’ - because it’s good when folks notice that you’re doing it right behind the scenes too; as well as in the glass, can, bottle, horn etc.  So here’s what’s happening next…

If you’ve enjoyed any of our beers in the last three months, then A. Great!  and B. Just so you know… that beer also happened to be gluten-free.  Did you notice?  We’ve been brewing all our beers to a gluten-free recipe in recent months, largely because we have found that the recipe adjustment required is very minor.  But also because those GF beers have continued to taste great and scoop regional and national awards.  The beers are fantastic - they just happen to be vegan/vegetarian-friendly and gluten-free too.  We hope that this will allow more people to enjoy Brass Castle beers.  We certify all our cans as GF by laboratory testing.  It’s an expensive process and we’re exploring a number of methods to reduce that cost, possibly by enhancing our own laboratory facilities.  That way, we will be able to certify everything we make as gluten-free.

We’ve only canned our beers on a limited scale to date and use an excellent mobile canner to do it.  A success of our Crowler Club crowdfunding experience has been to demonstrate how well many of our beers present in a can.  We’ve been cautioned against over-concentrating on canning by the experience of watching other breweries struggle with poorly seamed cans, inconsistent fill-levels or high quantities of dissolved oxygen pick-up.  If we’re going to make more cans, then we’re going to do it right.  Although we’re bursting at the seams in our current Malton brewhouse, we think we can squeeze enough extra space to accommodate a small canning line that will allow us to expand the range of can beers and fully control the process  We’re extremely excited about the possibility of canning beers like Disruptor, Brewtalism, Life’s a Beach or Burnout later this year.

Meanwhile, the latest chapter in our ongoing barrel-aging project is a coffee and cardamom gose, which we look forward to unveiling in autumn this year.  When we have made sour beers, we’ve always done it the long traditional way by aging in inoculated wooden barrels - but that doesn’t mean we might not take a run at a kettle sour in 2018…

If we have time of course, because the 2018 calendar is filling-up quickly.  Our Taphouse will be staging many more events this year, on the back of a vibrant open-mic night series and the start of some seriously competitive quizzing.  At the end of this month we’ll proudly host a brewery bar at the CAMRA Manchester Beer and Cider Festival - after Bad Kitty won the public vote for Beer of the Festival there last year.  Days later, we’ll be in the shadow of Ibrox on February 2nd & 3rd for ‘A Glasgow Beer Event’.  On March 8th, we’re joining the International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day and will be inviting women brewers and home brewers to get involved.  March 31st is this year’s Crowler Club party; an all-day event at Brass Castle with free beer for Club members, exclusive tastings, music and food.  Malton becomes BEERTOWN on May 17th, with the best beer selection in the area and great live music.  After all of that - there’s the little matter of the Maine Beer Box project that we’ve been working on for over 9 months, bringing Maine beers from the US to the Leeds International Beer Festival and taking Yorkshire beers back to Maine!

It’s going to be a full-throttle year!  Thank you to everyone who cheered us on our way and helped to make it a fabby 2017.

In the next update - we'll share our brew plan for the coming year.



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