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Our Team

These are the folks that you may speak to over the phone or meet during a visit to the brewery and Taphouse.  Everybody does everything at Brass Castle - to ensure that the beer continues to flow.  But we all have our own special super-powers that we can bring to the party:

Kev - Operations Manager.  The big chief and prince of all he surveys; Kev is in charge of calmly keeping the Brass Castle show on the road.  By his shorts will you know him.

Alan - Head Brewer.  The Ginja Ninja is our most recent joiner and we look forward to finding material with which we can disrespect him on this page.

Ben - Accounts & Taphouse Manager.  Manager of all the other stuff that really needs to get done.  Recognition feature: near-permanent confused expression.

Tony - Sales & Delivery.  The gentle northeastern accent beneath the topknot.  Tony is our window on the world from HQ Malton. 

Sam - Brewer.  Also joiner par excellence, landscape gardener, vegan chef, vegan cheese-maker and just about anything he turns his mind to.  Usually naked (or as naked as he can untastefully get) and sporting a fauxhawk.

Amy - Marketing and Crowler Club boss.  The brewery's entire multi-tasking capability is held in one person - thank Jesus!

Adam - Delivery & Events.  The friendly face in the big white van.  Adam will get the beer wherever it needs to go.

Alice - Taphouse Sunday Supervisor.  Sporting a different hair colour every week,  Alice can usually be found decorating the Taphouse and telling Ben off.  Somebody has to.

Andrew, Nuala, Jake, Ellis & Hazza - Beer Ambassadors.  On hand to serve your beer with a smile, either in the Taphouse or when staffing our event bars.  Employed to provide a semblance of professionalism in front of the customers.

Phil - Director.  Brewery spare part and all-round irritant.  At home in Boston when you need him, and getting under peoples' feet in Malton when you don't.