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Betelgeuse is now available in 750ml bottles. Lip-smacking, tongue-twisting raspberry & beetroot barrel-aged soured brown ale!


Get to know Brass Castle


Brass Castle has a brewhouse and Taphouse right in the centre of Malton.  The brewery's house yeast does its work in five fermenters and the staff clean up after it.  For lagering and keg-filling there are also three conditioning tanks and a carbonation tank.  The rest of the space is largely taken up with empty casks or kegs, waiting either to be filled or cleaned!  


All Brass Castle beers are vegan and vegetarian friendly, as we don't let animal-derived products anywhere near the brewhouse.  Some are gluten-free.  Spent grain from the brewing process goes to to be digested into wiggly amps, biogas and fertiliser.  Spent hops find their way onto local allotments.  


The Taphouse opens Thursday-Sunday, serving at least eight Brass Castle beers and a selection of cider, gin, wine, prosecco, Roost barista coffee, tea and various small eats.  Add in a spanking selection of bottled Belgian beers and you're guaranteed a grand day out.